Marimn Health All positions are filled based on Tribal Preference.  We conduct pre-employment drug screening.

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Job Code:2024-MH-025
Preferred Experience:
Minimum Experience:Certification or Registration Required
Job Category:Regular Full Time

Come work for Marimn Health - voted one of the Best Places to Work in the Inland Northwest in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 and Modern Healthcare's Family Friendliest Employer in 2020!

Fantastic benefits, flexible schedules, paid holidays and ability to choose vacation times!

Your employer paid benefits include:

  • Medical, Dental, Prescription, and Vision for employee and all legal dependents.
  • 401(k) plan with 5% employer match after 1 year of employment.
  • Employer paid life insurance.
  • Short and long term disability.
  • Generous PTO with the ability to earn additional personal days.

Please note that this position is in Plummer, ID. Carpool opportunities are available.             



Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. Current RN Licensure in the State of Idaho is required. BSN preferred. Two years of relevant experience in community based primary care required. EMR experience required. Typing skills of at least 35 wpm preferred. Current BLS, PALS and ACLS required and/or willingness to obtain within (6) months of hire required. 


  • Hearing: within normal limits with or without use of corrective hearing devices;
  • Vision: adequate to read 12-point type with or without use of corrective lenses
  • Must be able to verbally interact with staff, clients and public
  • Manual dexterity of hands/fingers for writing, computer input
  • Able to lift up to 25-100 lbs. (assist in transfer of patients)
  • Stand 40% of the day.
  • Walking 60% of the day.
  • Pushing, up to 30-100 lbs., (i.e. crash cart, stretcher, or wheelchair)
  • Pulling, up to 25-80 lbs.


  • Maintains a positive peer relationship and performs as a team player and as a team leader for their designated hallway.
  • Plans and prioritizes to maintain a time and attendance record which complies with Marimn Health policy.
  • Provides excellent internal and external customer service assistance, providing knowledgeable and appropriate information to customers.
  • Works independently in a very detail oriented manner and meets deadlines.
  • Respects and supports the patient’s rights to treatment or services in accordance with clinic policy.
  • Obtains informed consent
  • Coordinates and cooperates with other caregivers for productive problem solving.
  • Knows responsibility and performs efficiently as a team member in emergent situations, remaining calm, communicating and documenting appropriately.
  • Demonstrates availability at all times during operating hours.
  • Demonstrates ability to critique own practice for error and pursues corrective action.
  • Keeps informed by reading memos, emails, and bulletin boards and seeking out assistance of others.
  • Take ownership of issues.
  • Participate in projects and follows through to completion.
  • Pursues education activities to maintain or enhance a current level of knowledge and competency and documents appropriately.
  • Positively adjusts to health care environment and changes.
  • Adheres to Personnel Policies.
  • Functions as a dependable team member by demonstrating self-initiative when needed, and assisting when requested.
  • Demonstrates priority setting ability and organizational skills by timely completion of assigned tasks, maintaining clear and orderly work area.
  • Limits personal phone calls/cell phone use in the clinical area.
  • Maintains relationships that are characterized by mutual support, open communication, trust and respects.
  • Avoids destructive comments, lack of support, and negative/offensive non-verbal behaviors.
  • Gives feedback to others in a private, constructive manner.
  • Handles conflicts with appropriate respect for privacy and maintaining the self-esteem of those involved.
  • Responsible for serving as RN Case Manager for patients with chronic illness and/or conditions; duties to include but are not limited to: maintaining an accurate record, coordinating care/follow-up, and provide patient education, and organizing community events for the clinic.
  • Employee reports to work in a timely manner.
  • Employee utilizes breaks and meal periods to care for personal business outside of the work area
  • Employee completes work assignments in a timely manner and appropriately exits the work area in a timely manner
  • Employee appropriately utilizes Novatime Time and Attendance for clocking in and out; schedules absences in advance when possible
  • Employee is available for scheduled work shifts regularly and communicates absence to supervisor in a timely manner if unavailable.
  • Professional knowledge of and ability to apply nursing care principles, practices and procedures required assessing needs of wide variety of Medical, Surgical, Obstetrical, Gynecological and Pediatric patients.
  • Knowledge of normal course of disease, anticipated complications, and indicated therapeutic intervention.
  • Knowledge of Pharmaceuticals and their desired effects, side effects, and complications of their use.
  • Knowledge of and ability to recognize emergencies, and treat as needed.
  • Obtains appropriate vital signs, including weights and heights under Nurse Documentation. Also able to recognize normal and abnormal ranges.
  • Obtains the appropriate information, specimens, lab results, x-ray results and health history from patients to prepare them for the clinical provider.
  • Assists clinicians with procedures, such as minor surgical procedures, and prepares the exam room and instruments for these procedures.
  • Able to anticipate Medical Providers’ needs.
  • Must possess the skill of arrhythmia recognition.
  • Knowledge of immunization recommendations and protocols.
  • Operates and maintains appropriate medical equipment.
  • Ensure complete, accurate and timely documentation within the electronic health record including the right patient, right encounter date/time and appropriate provider.
  • Appropriately selects patients’ complaint/reason for visit using HPI template in EHR.
  • Able to input vital signs, allergies, medications, Past Medical History, past diagnostic information, Family History, Social History, confidential information, review of systems, and/or any procedure completed into Next Gen/EHR.
  • Able to order immunizations, drug injections, lab, x-ray, print labs.
  • Able to accurately and completely fill out an ROI.
  • Transfer information is documented accurately, completely and in a timely manner for patients’ transfer to other health care facility.
  • Able to input information into the EMR quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensure patient education/teaching plan by patient needs.
  • Promote continuity and consistency to deliver quality care.
  • Access resources for referrals as needed and schedule appointments for patients needing referral.
  • Practices Universal Precautions, Infection Control and Safety Measures.
  • Follows established policies for safe administration of medicines, treatments, and procedures.
  • Meets mandatory education requirements for safety, i.e. blood borne pathogens, body mechanisms, hazardous chemicals, fire and safety procedures.
  • Communicates situations of potential legal risk at time of occurrence through appropriate chain of command process.
  • Able to utilize all medical equipment within scope of practice safely and appropriately.
  • Effectively uses computer, NextGen/EMR and other communication tools.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of required skills such as use of EKG machine, SVN machine, Fetal Monitor, Cardiac Monitor, Mini-Infuser, etc. then able to operate these devices.
  • Able to act as the primary RN in the walk-in clinic
  • Able to perform wound care per the providers orders including the application of wound vacs
  • Performs procedures that are within appropriate scope of practice (for example, spirometry, administration of medications, venipuncture (blood draws), performing EKG’s, performing vision screening, IV starts and suture removals.)
  • Completed the annual RN competencies
  • Provides individual assessment of diabetic patients’ educational needs and provides the knowledge and tools for patients to successfully manage their care
  • Provides individual self-management goal counseling, training in the use of insulin, glucose meters, blood sugar self-monitoring skills and diet education.
  • Provides the knowledge and tools for prevention of complications from diabetes.
  • Develops and coordinates group classes covering topics necessary for self-management of diabetes including support groups if deemed necessary.
  • Submits periodic reports on diabetes clinical care data and related QI data to funding agencies/leadership
  • Assists in training staff in established diabetes care clinical guidelines and process improvement model, including orientation and introduction of new clinical staff to diabetes related educational and clinical treatment initiatives
  • Completes diabetes audits on a routine basis and as needed to meet external funding requirements. Quarterly ensures integrity of data and collaborates interdepartmentally for identification of continued improvement. Reports audits to leadership.
  • In coordination with the Grants Manager, administers the Diabetes Management grant. Completes the renewal application as appropriate and monitors progress towards the goal and objectives at a minimum of quarterly. Implements changes and intervention to improve quality of care under this funding.
  • Support patient rights to:
    • Confidentiality
    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Resolution to complaints
    • Cultural/Religious Issues
    • Communication
  • Responsible for serving as RN Case Manager for patients with chronic illness and/or conditions; Duties to include but are not limited to: maintaining an accurate record, coordinating care/follow-up, and provide patient education, organizing community events for the clinic
  • Responsible for entering new patient intakes and obtaining records prior to appointment to establish care
  • Collaborate proactively with all team members and with a patient –focus to facilitate and maximize patient healthcare outcomes
  • Promote healthcare outcomes with currently accepted clinical practice guideline. Provide patient education, advice and information on health assessment, disease processes, medications and treatment.
  • Utilize best practice model to identify, incorporate or develop best practices for panel management. Collaborate with other teams to share and establish best practice for clinic
  • Organizes and implements community events such as community vaccines clinics, free sports physical days
  • Providers foot care and annual exam for diabetic patients unable to perform their own foot care
  • Manage chronic care needs as well as health maintenance, meeting clinic expectation for health maintenance standards
  • Provides medication management for patients who need assistance with mediset, insulin, etc.
  • Tracks current patients in the hospital, obtains needed records and arranges hospital follow up appointment
  • Use electronic health record and/or develop tracking system to track, monitor and assure the appropriate follow-up of patients. Utilize electronic health record for ordering, scheduling and tracking patient care.
  • Acts as a resource to the clinic. Coach and mentor all clinical team members to build or enhance capability and competency
  • Active member of clinical team, contributing to overall team function, team building and enhancement. Acts as RN lead for their assigned hallway.
  • Participate in the continued development of the role of case management in the Patient Center Home model.
  • Maintain accurate, complete, timely and professional documentation in health records. Documentation of all patient contacts required; including but not limited to telephone call, nursing visits and/or any significant changes for provider to review.
  • Responsible for the training of newly hired clinical nursing staff as assigned by Nurse Manager
  • The incumbent will be called upon to accomplish other tasks within his or her scope of work.
  • Supports clinic request when asked or adjust work schedules during times of vacation, staff illness, or clinic needs.
  • Other duties as assigned.